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Blue curacao is a blue-colored liqueur made from the dried peel of bitter oranges, and it adds a unique tropical flavor and bright blue color to the cocktail. The gin provides a botanical and herbal flavor that balances out the sweetness of the blue curacao, while the lemon juice and sugar provide a tart and sweet flavor that complements the other ingredients. 


Overall, Blue Altona Lagoon is a great cocktail for anyone who loves a unique and colorful drink with a tropical twist. It's perfect for summertime parties or any occasion that calls for a fun and refreshing beverage. 




  • Blue Altona Lagoon is a vibrant and refreshing cocktail made from blue curacao, gin, lemons, sugar, and water. This cocktail is perfect for anyone looking for a unique and colorful drink that is both sweet and tart. 


    *NOTE - Shipping available in the Virgin Islands Only*

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