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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping FAQs:

1. What shipping methods do you offer? 

- We offer pick-up, delivery, and ferry shipping methods.

2. Where do you ship? 

- We ship cocktails to St. Thomas and St. John, and juices to St. Thomas and St. John as well. Additionally, we ship to US states via USPS, FedEx, and UPS. Please note that customers are responsible for shipping costs.

Product FAQs: 

1. Do the cocktails and juices need to be refrigerated? 

- Yes, our products do not contain preservatives and many of them have fresh ingredients, which can cause the drinks to spoil. It is recommended to keep them refrigerated.

2. How long should I shake the cocktails or juices? 

- Shaking or stirring is necessary to incorporate all the ingredients and create a balanced drink. Unless otherwise noted, you should shake or stir for at least a full 10 seconds.

3. For the Krucian Painkiller Cocktail, what should I do before shaking? 

- When you remove the Krucian Painkiller from the refrigerator, let it sit at room temperature for at least 30 minutes or until the coconut cream has dissolved and has a smooth texture. Then shake well until all the ingredients are balanced and the cocktail becomes creamy.

4. Can you make custom mix cocktails or juices? 

- We can make most flavors except those that include carbonated beverages or require muddling of herbs or fruits. For custom drinks with these requirements, you can avail our bartending services.

- For the Juices we offer various sugar options.

Payment Methods FAQs: 

1. What payment methods do you accept? 

- We accept Zelle payments to the email address, PayPal payments to the same email address, cash, and business checks only.

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